What to do, how to do it.

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What to do, how to do it. Empty What to do, how to do it.

Post by Erekiteru on Wed Oct 12, 2016 2:26 pm

1.) Register for this forum.
2.) In the Roster section, pick the role (or roles) you want to play. Post a thread with the necessary info.
3.) In the Scheduling section, post your schedule for the month. If you know your schedule for next month, post that as well.

And that's it. I'll compile the info to figure out who goes into what role, and what time works best for everyone. Our schedule will go up on this forum's calendar.

Everything else past this is optional, but helpful.

4.) If you have folk you'd like to recruit to our raiding group, go to the Recruitment section, post their name, role, ilevel, schedule, etc. I'll reach out to them in game and evaluate.
5.) If you have any essential tactics/strategies for a specific raid, go to the Raid section and find the relevant fight, post what you know. This is also where I'll keep track of who has gotten what loot so far.
6.) If you need stuff to enhance your raiding ability, go to the Gear section. I'll be gathering/crafting potions and food to give us as much an edge as possible. I'll post items that are needed, and if you can supply them, please let me know.


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