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Post by Erekiteru on Wed Oct 12, 2016 2:53 pm

Roster Assignments will be decided by the following criteria, in order of priority. This is done to increase our chances of success, as well as to avoid favoritism. Since we're currently a small group, most of these details won't matter, but for those of you interested in how or why I assign a role, here's how it works.

1.) We select a time frame based on a window where the most number of people can play. If you are unable to play during that time frame, or if we have too many players, we will set up a secondary time frame and/or roster to accommodate you. However, no secondary setups are guaranteed, and they may require queuing up in a Pick-Up Group (PUG). Please make sure to be present for the time frame you've been assigned to, even if it's not your preferred one -- we need everyone to be as flexible as possible so everyone can get the loot they need.
2.) The primary roster must have all slots filled. If we have available players and open slots, they will be assigned a position. This may mean that members currently in a slot will have their role changed so that all roles are filled. For example, we may have seven slots filled and find an eighth player. If they can only play Healer and both Healer slots are filled, we will move one of the current Healers to a different role if they can play that role. Being able to run the raid is more important than having everyone in the best possible role.
3.) Assuming we do have enough players to fill all roles, we will try to put everyone in the best possible position for the raid. This is determined by two factors: your ilevel, and your party synergy. Ilevel is easy to factor: if your item level is the highest for that role, you'll likely be put into that role. Party synergy is a little harder to determine, but it's still not that difficult. In order to maximize the party's defense/healing/damage, we'll try to assign roles with as little overlap as possible. For example, if there's a choice between two Ninjas at the same ilevel, or one Ninja and one Dragoon as the same ilevel, we will select the Ninja and Dragoon. This ensures that everyone is able to use the full extent of their combat abilities without running the risk of overlapping powers cancelling each other out.
4.) Lastly, if there are multiple candidates for an open slot and all other factors have been accounted for, we will assess each player's level of skill. While it is assumed that everyone taking part in the raid is good at their role, we will give higher priority to the player who has run the raid more frequently, displays greater competence in the use of their skills, or demonstrates some other trait that clearly marks them as a better candidate. This is a subjective decision that is not intended to insult or disparage the abilities of the player who is not selected, so please do not take any evaluations personally.


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